Que Sera Sera

Kindred spirits:

There are some new links, and they are all fabulous and you should stop everything you’re doing this instant to check them all out. One is Sure Thing, Babs, and after spending most of my morning reading through her archives and surely frightening her with multiple emails exclaiming that we are secret best friends, I am now convinced that we might possibly be kin.

First case in point: compare this story (parts 1, 2, and 3) with this.

Second case in point: I had no idea that anyone else’s mother but mine used the “just swallow your spit until we get home” response to whiny thirsty kids while shopping. Sometimes mine would also to try appease us with Chewels gum, the kind with the liquid cinnamon center, but that only made things worse.

Anyway. Babs, I am on my way to buy our Best Friend heart necklaces right now. Dibs on Be Fri.

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