Que Sera Sera

Excerpts from the Brown family Sunday night dinner:

“I’m going as Richie Tenenbaum for Halloween.”

“Tell me the magic of The Royal Tenenbaums again.”

“I can’t explain it to you. You like Meg Ryan and Will Smith movies.”

“I like other movies too! They all just seemed like lost souls to me.”

“Mom, everyone’s a little lost.”

“…so I can totally hear my secret lesbian neighbors through the floor.”

“Do they ever say, ‘yo go, girl’?”

“Kids, do you know what happened 25 years ago this weekend? The Lynyrd Skynyrd crash.”

“They went to the Paul McCartney concert, and his new wife was there.”

“I’ve heard she’s a real bitch.”

“What? The Eastman girl?”

“Dad, Linda died. This is his new one.”

“Oh, the one with the hollow leg?”

“Honey! When you say it that way, you just make her sound hungry.”

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