Que Sera Sera

Weekend highlights:

Friday night: Winning London with Erin (Olsen twins in drag, yo), lots of white zinfandel; smashed by 10, passed out by 12

Saturday morning: my dad cutting across other runners right before the finish line of the Tulsa Run to kiss my mom on the sidelines, everyone cheering

Saturday afternoon: crawling around the floor of the dark basement with my cute neighbor, successfully re-lighting the pilot light to our water heater; totally saw the top of his boxers

Saturday evening: bubble baths, britpop mix tape, Us magazine, phone calls

Saturday night: Donnie Darko with Tony and Emily; all three of us under the same blanket; Halloween candy, root beer floats and just plain beer

Sunday afternoon: rainy and cold, wearing pajamas, eating toast, and reading old emails until 4 pm

Sunday night: no new Alias means quality time with Tony Soprano

Sunday/Monday, 4 am: Jason Royal crooning the Spin Doctors’ “Two Princes” in my ear before I fall asleep

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