Que Sera Sera

Science is sweet!

My trip to Missouri was fabulous. Laura’s party was fabulous. All of her friends were fabulous. I seriously had no idea how attractive the scientific community was. Doesn’t it make you sleep better at night knowing that not only are they out there being young and smart and contributing to Science, they are all adorable to boot? Some of them are even good kissers, too. I’m chalking that one up to my magic red mary janes.

Being at a party where you’re the only one not pursuing your PhD in biology can make a girl feel a bit insignificant, especially if said girl has had more than her fair share of gin and tonics, and people keep asking, very conversationally, about your degree. There’s no cool way to say that you and your degree have done all you’re going to do together, and now you’re answering phones. I always forget to mention the cool part where I’m writing a book. Anyway, they were all very nice and funny, even when they got off for a minute on humpback whale communication and megahertz and they were all blah blah science and I was all blah blah trashed. The very nice boy next to me assured me that they would not talk about science all night, and I asked him to please stop me if I suddenly felt compelled to enter the conversation by bringing up my third place seventh grade science fair project. Making perfume out of an orange rind just isn’t as conducive to getting this party started as, say, House of Pain.

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