Que Sera Sera

The post where I say a bunch of cool stuff but sadly, all you’re going to remember is that I posted a link to my picture:

I came home from work on Friday to find the best care package in the world waiting on my doorstep. People, if you don’t already have a crush on Caitlin or want to braid her hair or some shit like that, you need to get on the stick, because she is so fucking awesome I want to cry. Seriously, I almost came when I opened the box, because it included tiny vodka bottles, a lime, chocolates, a Hot Hot Heat CD, slutty red nail polish and lipstick, a devil rubber ducky and bubble bath, plus the best card ever, complete with detailed instructions on how to use everything. I have never received a cheer-up gift this excellent from anyone I know in real life. Sister, you definitely raised the bar.

So I used my gift and hit the town, spending my evening surrounded by an ever-changing roster of attractive boys. If you’ve had a shitty week, I really cannot recommend anything better than a Friday night of milkshakes and bowling and lots of drinking with cute boys, especially when you’re the only girl for most of the evening. I totally felt like the belle of the ball, and not just because I wore my magic red maryjanes and got a strike bowling and Emily had on a nametag that said “Dickrash” and a boy I had a crush on two years ago flirted with me and Steve took pictures of Jon almost hooking up with sisters and my ex-boyfriend bought my dinner. I think it was really the red lipstick that did the trick. Caitlin, you’re a saint. I’m pouring out a little vodka from a tiny bottle for you.

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