Que Sera Sera


I’ve lived in the same place my entire life, and that fact never fails to astound me whenever I remember it. If I could go back in time and tell 17 year old me that I’d still be here in eight years, I wouldn’t believe myself. Every college I applied to was far away, except for the one here that ended up working out best with scholarships and whatnot, and then some medical whatnots right before college graduation set me back another year, and now hey, what’s up, almost 26! Still living in Tulsa? Oh, me too! Asjdlaksjflkdeathstagnationthecryingatnightohmygodgetmeout.

So, I’m looking to move. Soon. Preferrably within the next six months. The only problem is, I’m not sure where I want to go. I’ve thought about Chicago, I’ve thought about San Francisco, I’ve thought about Boston, I’ve thought about Atlanta. I’ve thought about a lot of places. But I honestly have no idea. Career opportunities are a factor, of course, but seeing as how I abandoned my career to answer phones and write a book six months ago, they’re not that big a factor. And climate is a factor too: if I have to live through one more rotten humid Oklahoma July and August, I will fucking cut someone. Maybe I’ll go all Angelina Jolie and cut myself. It won’t be pretty. And while I’m not really looking for 3 feet of snow all winter long, I do own way too many cute coats and scarves to live this close to Texas.

So, give me any suggestions. Sell me on your city. I’m open-minded. Just don’t tell me to move to Arizona, because I am not going to move to Arizona. Or Kentucky. Unless I can move in with Bob Nastanovich. Okay, go.

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