Que Sera Sera

I don’t feel tardy:

So, I’m not the receptionist anymore.

Now I sit at a new desk and get to interact with people, and people say things like, “Hey Sarah, what’s up?” and I can shrug and say, “You know, just hustling,” and I don’t even have to use my phone voice. People also say things like “Hey Sarah, can you sort these color copies for me?”, and I believe my new official job title is “everyone’s bitch,” but, you know, whatever. Hopefully just one month of this and then I’m moving, up and away and on.

There’s a temp answering the phones now, and she’s my age, and she called me sugar earlier, and she needs to learn right now that that shit ain’t gonna fly. However, the best part is that when I opened the drawer of my new desk, there was a Barry Manilow’s Greatest Hits CD and an unopened can of Coors.

It’s 5:10, and what am I doing right now? Just hustling.

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