Que Sera Sera

Live at Budokan:

The best thing to do on Tornado Night is to go over to Brian and Erin’s house and turn it in to Lots of Wine and E! True Hollywood Story: the Hilton Sisters Night.

Evidently, the Hilton sisters are “huge in Japan.” Dude, isn’t everyone huge in Japan? I bet I’m huge in Japan. As Erin said, “you’d get off the plane and there would be throngs of people shouting Sala Blown! Sala Blown!

Maybe since there’s so many people in Japan, everyone assumes that the crowd at the airport is representative of their popularity, when it’s really just a crowd at the airport. Or maybe Andy Warhol is right, and we all really do get 15 minutes of fame, but it happens in Japan and you never even knew about it. There could have been a wave of little plastic electronic toys or schoolgirls’ underwear in vending machines or crazy flash videos ALL FEATURING YOU, and you were just sitting there in America, crying in your car on the way home from work and eating your Healthy Choice dinner and watching Judging Amy and not getting laid, totally oblivious to the brief frenzy you created overseas.

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