Que Sera Sera

Is this still in your feed? God love you.

Just a short update to say I've been guest posting at Dooce recently.

Baby names: Here are some good names for twins, because god knows they’ll be a packaged set all their lives and it’s important that they coordinate like towels and soap in a guest bathroom

The atrocity that is the Restoration Hardware catalog: You got me there, rich people: I wouldn’t know how to draw a springbok if requested by a child, but I do know that restaurants in Brooklyn stopped hanging antlers on their walls in 2007.

Say Yes to the Dress: I put my hand on my husband’s arm and said, “I just want you to know that nowhere underneath any of this is a princess. If you scratch hard enough, you’ll probably find someone who’d live in a gutter,” to which he smiled and said “Duh.”

Horrible slang: The overlap of people who say “gotta love _____!!!!” and people who comment on Facebook pictures of children with “Precious babies!!!!” is a completely saturated pool.

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