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On Friday, Sarah, Megan, Mary and I are flying to Dayton, Ohio, and then spending a few days in Sarah’s hometown of Richmond, Indiana, before driving her new car back to New York. While we’re there, Sarah’s mom is going to make us chicken casserole, and we get to meet her grandparents and go to her favorite bar, restaurant, and truck stop (not all the same place), as well as her favorite local ghost spot. I think that’s a pretty good indicator of how great your hometown is: how scary your local ghosts are. I mean, every town has a Crybaby Bridge or a Spook Light, but not every town has a Donkey Lady. If the man I agree to marry takes me home to meet his family, and shows me his elementary school and high school and the park/parking lot where he lost his virginity, but doesn’t bother driving me out to that length of railroad track where you can see the little kids’ handprints on your car, you can bet I’ll hand that ring back in a flash.

While I'm excited to drive down the highway and have someone else's mom cook for me, I'm mostly looking forward to playing 20 Questions with Sarah, because Sarah is the best (craziest) person in the world to play 20 Questions with. Sarah will get all the way to question #19 before asking if it's a man. Sarah instead asks things like, "Is it a ghost? Is it a real or fake ghost?" and "Is this person made of straw?"

We’re scheduled to arrive back in New York on Monday night, leaving me all day Tuesday to re-pack for my flight to London on Wednesday. I’m pretty excited. I’ll post more details soon, but the London Cringe is set for Wednesday, June 13. Let me know if you’d like to be on the email list.

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