Que Sera Sera

Been trying to meet you

Joey’s been in town visiting for the past few days. After he booked his flight, he called me and said, “You realize this is five days, right? Is that going to be too long? What if we get sick of each other?”, at which point I reminded him that five days would be nothing compared to the four years we dated. We’ve had a great time so far, although I did receive a big fat lecture at breakfast the other day when I told him I didn’t think I’d ever want to get married, and then we had an argument while waiting for the train at 3 am where he told me I was being cranky and mean and I told him he was being a big baby, but then we both wrote BALLS on the tile subway stop wall with my marker and everything was fine. He also tried to set me up with some guy outside an Indian restaurant, which was well-intentioned if unnecessary.

I’m sure tonight will be fantastic, because tonight we’re going to see the Pixies, which I’ve been waiting for for years, but really waiting for since eight months ago when they announced this tour. I was supposed to go to several other shows in several other cities, and all of those trips ending up falling through at the last minute, so you can imagine my excitement at scoring tickets in the four minutes it took them to sell out here. And somehow it’s even better that I’ll get to see them with Joey, because Joey was the person who really got me into them back in the day, and now I’ll finally get make amends to Joey for the time he got to interview Frank Black in 1998 and let me go meet him with him before the show, and I totally embarrassed him in front of his idol by getting nervous and opening my mouth and telling Frank Black that his sound check sounded good. Sounds awesome, Frank! That tune up was incendiary! I’ll just go die now! P.S. I love you!

When I moved here last year, I had a list of some of my favorite bands that I’d yet to see live, and as of this October, I’d finally seen every one of them. I had no idea I’d ever be able to add my favorite band of all time to that list, so unless all the members of Led Zeppelin reunite and go on tour with 1984-era Van Halen and maybe Appetite for Destruction-era GnR, and then also Pavement reunites and plays “Slowly Typed” NOT “Type Slowly” in my living room when they all come over to my house after the show, and then me and all those guys end up drinking and playing Barbie Queen of the Prom, I’d say tonight is going to be my best concert night ever.

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