Que Sera Sera


Laura is flourishing in Columbia. She already has no less than three suitors, although she’s very modest about the whole thing. One of the most charming is Oli, who is a German grad student. Oli speaks very good English, but sometimes he doesn’t know the correct word for something. When this happens, Oli doesn’t waste time with any of that “how do you say?” bullshit. He just makes a new name out of its definition, much like I did in college Spanish.

For instance, the other day Oli was telling Laura a story, and mentioned a nude snail.

“Hold up,” she said. “A what?”

“A nude snail,” Oli repeated, patiently. After several minutes, it was determined that he was referring to a slug. Makes perfect sense, if you think about it.

Oli also calls stingrays “flat sharks.” I have no idea why Laura and Oli are spending so much time discussing slimy invertebrates, but he has managed to pitch some woo as well.

“I have a compliment for you, ” he said. “Do want it?”

Charmed, Laura said yes.

“You have caught me,” he said, and smiled.

Oli is my favorite person I’ve never met.

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