Que Sera Sera


So far, the highlights of New York have included smoking with the nanny of a C-list celebrity, and this guy on the train the other night with a gold chain around his neck that said PROPER. Now you know what to get me for Christmas!

Seriously, I’m really, really excited about being here. I walked to the grocery store the other day with my mom, and I kept saying, “Man! I just live here now!” I keep trying it out over and over again in my head, like when I practice writing Mrs. Jon Stewart or Sarah Brown-Stewart or Happy Holidays! Love, the Stewarts —Jon, Sarah, Dakota, Dakota, Mackenzie and Zoe.

Yesterday I was watching TV and a movie preview came on, and it ended with, “opens in select cities October 10,” and I suddenly got really excited because I AM NOW A SELECT CITY. And on Sunday, Amber and I went to the Barnes & Noble in Park Slope to buy a map, and on the window was a poster announcing a Sarah Vowell reading next week, and I got so excited I suddenly had to go to the bathroom, because evidently I am dachshund. I’m sure the newness of this all will wear off eventually, but I’m not about to start acting disaffected anytime soon. I’m a huge dork, and I’m going to dork out as much as possible. Which, now that I think about it, is pretty much the motto I live by.

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